João-Maria Capelo supposedly died in exceptional circumstances: he drank a potent hallucinogenic by mistake, which led him to confuse a horse in the stables with his fiancee Juliana. As a consequence of a powerful blow received from the animal, he ended up walking erratically in the outskirts of his town where he was seen by group of young men who confused the colors of his blood stained shirt with the blazonry of an enemy family, then stabbed him repeatedly and left him for dead. He managed to crawl near a river, where he finally fell and drowned. 
The colors of the enemy family were the forbidden colors of the play, a crown was part of the blazonry too. Some also say João made only right-turns in his fatal day. Other details, like the numbers or the ghost may have been added at whim by superstitious theatre troupes.Support me on Patreon
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