Are you familiar with Lovecraft’s Commonplace Book? It’s a compilation of notes that can be seen as story seeds, a few of them developed in some of his tales, many of them vague indications about moods or background sketches, some dreams, some characteristic and ominous tale twists and outcomes. Everything you need to weave a tale that you may finish speaking in cursives. I found out about it almost a year ago in La Petite Claudine, and I was suggested that I should submit something to An Exhibition of Unspeakable Things. (Please follow the link if you want to know more and behold the non-euclidean beauty of their poster). I wrote a story then and made some sketches, as the time passed, the story grew longer, the deadlines came and went, and the tale was left in my own commonplace book I guess. Only recently I rewrote it and tried to divide it into small narrative chunks that could be serialized in The Secret Knots.

So here it is, the first part of my non submitted entry, I hope you like it.

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