My name is Juan Santapau and I live in Santiago de Chile.  The name of the series comes from something Athanasius Kircher wrote once: “The world is bound with secret knots” which I find somehow connected to the tag line I’ve been using: “comics about things we do without knowing why“. (although Kircher was talking about magnetism) Most of the comics on the archives are brief tales, right now though, the site is featuring the weekly series ‘The Strange World of Martin Kardec’. It started here.

Jhayne Holmes kindly edits the language in the comics. Nevertheless there are mistakes and typos (all mine) so feel free to point them if you catch one.


Some excerpts about The Secret Knots:

“The Secret Knots is a launchpad for a variety of different comics – sometimes a long-form work, sometimes a single story in a page, and sometimes an extended work of fiction within a long, single frame. It’s an absolutely lovely piece of work, punctuated by superb, charming writing and utterly gorgeous artwork.”
The Beat

“what comes through in even the most mundane of Santapau’s stories is the sense that he is finding the magic in the world, exploring the ordinary things that could bring us to madness or enlightenment, that connect us to other people, and the extraordinary things that seem almost possible.”


“Juan Santapau’s collection of short stories in comics form, THE SECRET KNOTS, is gently, sublimely mental. Quite, quite mad. Wonderful.”
Warren Ellis

“The spare composition reminds me in many ways of fiction writing; it is somehow reminiscent of Haruki Murakami’s style, of how graceful language can become in the hands of someone working very hard to capture the perfect word and all its nuances. “

“Santapau chases down the fleeting thoughts that flit through the backs of our brains — childish notions, invented superstitions, and half-remembered games — and bolsters them with his wry illustrations.”
Storming the Tower

“It was a nice break from the typical webcomics I read, which are more about brash humor or in-your-face action. Those are fine, by the way, but they have a very extroverted personality about them. The Secret Knots, on the other hand, is very introverted. Sometimes you want to get away from it all. The Secret Knots is like a tropical, beachside vacation in webcomic form.”
The Webcomic Overlook

“quietly beautiful, unusual comics.”

“Make sure you have some free time before starting The Secret Knots, you won’t want to stop reading until the very end. One of the best wecbomics around, without question.”
Comics Alliance

The Secret Knots was nominated for Best Webcomic at the Stumptown Comics Art Awards 2013.



Guest blog on Lovecraft is Missing where I explain some things
My Influence Map, a meme about creative influences.

You can contact me at my gmail address which is gemeloperverso
follow on Tumblr or Twitter (santapau) where I’m notifying of new comics.
There’s a Facebook fanpage too.

The Secret Knots is part of Koala Wallop.

I’m available for commissioned artwork and illustration. Contact me through the email address.

I hope you like the stories!

Photo by Okimus

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