PDF: Unspeakable

Revised version, 35 pages PDF, $2.90.



It’s the end of summer and soon we’ll leave our games and rituals behind, a child’s treasure buried in the woods.
But, who will take care of the creature in the locked room?
Unspeakable is a coming of age story inspired by Lovecraft’s tales.

Song and Comic

Music for Stray Days, with Kim Boekbinder

This is a package of music and story you can download to lighten up your day, any day. Pay what you want and get the song that the amazing Kim Boekbinder composed for this comic, with the special collaboration of Meredith Yayanos on violins. It includes the comic in PDF for you to keep on your mobile devices or computer.


Available Prints

Prints through external services are no longer available. If you want a particular comic on your wall, please contact me via mail – gemeloperverso is my gmail – to offer you a personalized print. Thanks!


Donation Desktop Wallpapers

Pay what you want and download these wallpapers, available in several resolutions.
Thanks for supporting The Secret Knots!

The Spirit Cabinet

Sweet Heart wallpaper

Mask Girl wallpaper

Siamese wallpaper

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